Sales & Marketing

Our Marketing team is bubbling with creative and innovative thinkers that challenge the standard.

Their strategic mindset consistently brings new ideas and actively creates sustainable value for Martinhal.

These talents are able to understand and fulfil our guests’ needs, seeking ways to create distinctive moments and connecting with a large range of voices and audiences. Their creativity and storytelling continuously inspire others, yet it is their attention to detail and care that preserves and nurtures the Martinhal brand.


Whether they are producing high-quality content, managing the brand’s presence, representing Martinhal or communicating with different stakeholders, we can always count on them.

Our sales team with their clear understanding of Martinhal and their unwavering attention to detail, actively work to identify new opportunities and expand and nurture our guest base. Their pride and passion, alongside their hospitable personality equips them to represent Martinhal at a global scale, attending luxury fairs, conferences and exhibitions around the world with the goal of nurturing our b2b presence and build lasting relationships with diverse groups of people, from large markets to niche ones.


These departments coordinate together to build awareness and trust amongst clients at different stages of the funnel. While our headquarters are in Sagres, Portugal, our team is highly involved with hybrid and remote working and spread out through our different locations. They are efficient team-workers whose efforts are felt and combine together to create the exceptional output they put forward every day.


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