Frequently asked questions

In order to clarify and simplify the recruitment process we have prepared a set of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our candidates

Email your resume to an open vacancy in our careers website and our HR team will contact you to discuss your application. Only applications that meet the desired profile for our current openings will be considered, all others will be kept in our database for future recruitment and selection processes. All applications will be treated confidentially under the Data Protection Act.

The relationship between employer and employee is usually established through an employment contract, which can be written or verbal. The employment contract includes the conditions for the provision of the service, in terms of rights and duties of the two parties involved, namely the remuneration that the employer will pay the worker.

The types of employment contract are as follows:

• Fixed-term employment contract;
• Open-ended employment contract;
• Permanent employment contract;
• Short-term employment contract;
• Part-time work contract;
• Temporary job;
• Services provision

The worker will be covered by a work accident insurance policy which guarantees them has access to all the medical care necessary to restore their state of health, ability to work and earn.

• Identity card;
• Taxpayer Tax Number (NIF);
• Beneficiary number from Social Security (NISS) or, failing that, fill in the respective Registration Form;
• Bank account number – NIB;
• Curriculum Vitae;
• Letters of recommendation from previous employment (not mandatory);
• Certificate of Literary Qualifications;
• Criminal Record.

The normal working period is of 40 hours per week, spread over five days, with the complementary and weekly rest taken on a rotating basis, fixed on monthly scales. Shifts and schedules depend on the department and function performed.

Payment is made monthly on the 30th, by bank transfer.
In Portugal, the salary is multiplied by 14 months (the 12 months of the year and the holiday and Christmas bonuses are equivalent to another salary).
There are two taxes in Portugal that are withheld at source:
• IRS – is deducted every month (the amount depends not only on the salary but also on whether you are single or married or have children, as well as the spouse’s situation)
• Social Security discount (11%) will be applied to the gross monthly salary of each employee. The Social Security system aims to pay sick days with sick leave, unemployment benefit, medication, hospital admission, retirement pension and various benefits (family allowances, birth allowances, breastfeeding allowances, etc.)

Yes, there is a trial period in the initial phase of employment contracts (variable according to the type of contract), during which both parties assess whether or not to maintain the contractual relationship.

If you enjoy interacting with and helping others, the hospitality industry might be for you. Being employed in a hospitality role can give you the ability to develop valuable skills, perform engaging tasks and advance your career. Even if you don’t have experience in hospitality, you can still pursue a position in this industry.
We are always looking for young talent and are happy to train new staff – you just need to bring a positive attitude and an open mind!

In the majority of our hotels and resorts, among other benefits in force are the following:
– Access to the cafeteria, where employees are entitled to meals corresponding to their working hours.
– Access to changing rooms, bathrooms and showers, in spacious and hygienic conditions, with separation by gender.
– Accommodation provided for non-residents, dependent on availability at the time

– Employee Training, where we provide the resources and capital necessary to conduct training courses for new employees to improve their skills.
– Profit Sharing, a compensation program to grant eligible employees a share of the company’s profits.
– Wellness Programs, a benefits and partnership program for a health and wellness perspective to encourage employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These include programs such as gyms, health checks and medical partnerships.

The vacation period must always be authorized by the Department Director, and must be taken outside the high season or peak operating periods. The annual vacation period has a minimum duration of 22 working days.

Overtime work is paid at the hourly rate. All compensation must be communicated in advance and be validated by the Department Director and delivered the appropriate document, until the day the employee receives the compensation.

There are 10 steps in our hiring process:

1- Receipt of applications for the position.
2- Pre-selection and screening of applications.
3 – A selection interview is carried out.
4 – Choosing the candidate for the position
5 – Submission of the letter of conditions – characterization and framing of the function, the period of validity of the contract and the salary to be earned.
6 – Candidate’s response.
7 – The employment contract is made.
8 – Preparation and sending of the Welcome Manual with information on the use of facilities, useful information, codes of conduct, contacts, information about the company and structure.
9 – Welcoming, integrating and training the new employee.
10 – Passage through three essential sectors, the business areas, support areas and product knowledge on the ground.

Martinhal provides free accommodation located around our different units, in order to facilitate commuting to and from work.
Depending on our units, our spaces are composed of:
– Leisure and relaxation areas with Wi-Fi internet access;
– Shared kitchen, dining room and living room;
– Washing machines and sanitary facilities;
– Employee parking;
– Shared or single room.
Please note that accommodation preferences are based on availability and are not guaranteed. Allocations are based on age, gender, working hours, arrival dates and the position held at the company for the season.

We provide uniforms for hotel staff as a way of ensuring proper grooming, thereby reflecting the standard of Martinhal and creating a good impression on our guests. This way the guest can easily identify staff and their respective position in the organization.